Saturday, August 24, 2013

DIY Tabletop Minis Redux

Here be the first batch of minis made specifically for the Swallowed campaign. I'll explain a little more about the Leviathan itself in a future post, but for now it seems pertinent to mention that time in the Belly is stretched and skewed. Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey. The creature itself is huge and thousands of years old, but due to reasons, hundreds of thousands if not millions of 'years' have passed inside it's body, giving ample time for it's unwilling denizens to breed, adapt, evolve, and thrive within. So! Here come the first eyeless albino monstrosities. 

First stop was my favorite miniature supplier, my local dollar store. They usually have these bins of cheap plastic bugs right up front. I used some cockroaches in a previous post to create a band of post-apocalyptic bug-men. I've seen similar bins at toy stores and craft stores, but for three to ten times the price. A dollar and sixteen cents later, I am the proud owner of a little plastic bag full of centipedes. Centipedes are inherently horrifying, that's science.

Since I detailed the process in this post, I'll not run through whole boil, bend, shock process again here. Pictures below are pretty self explanatory. Behold! Click to embiggen.

A dollar and about an hour later, and we have a handful of minis more or less ready to go. I repainted the base edges black, and then hit the bugs with some spray gloss to make them nice and shiny. The paintjob is pretty bad, but works from a small distance. Under closer scrutiny, I didn't let the primer dry enough before I started painting, because I am tragically impatient. Additionally, the toothbrush bloodspatter is a bit heavy. I wanted them to look a little grisly, since they are burrowing creatures, erupting upward through the meat below - but I think it was a bit much in hindsight. Anyhow, a dollar and an hour later, five minis, ready to go. 


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